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Additives afor the production of dietary supplements

Are you trying to stand out from the competition? Do you care about an ethical and responsible approach to manufacturing dietary supplements? Make your products help customers function healthily and actively. Develop themselves and achieve their goals.

Awareness of the impact that diet has on us is growing. We know how important what we eat is. We also know that in order to take care of the proper level of nutritional values supplied to the body, it is worth reaching for dietary supplements. We try to support supplement manufacturers so that their products meet the expectations of conscious consumers even better. The production of dietary supplements is a responsible task. We support specialists and help them set new nutritional trends.

Ilkow Trade offers a wide range of additives for the production of dietary supplements. Check out our offer and see what you can offer your customers. Amino acids for nutrients and supplements, sweeteners, proteins, plant extracts and much, much more!

We are creating a better world. One in which foods and supplements no longer perform one specific function - they become multifunctional, supporting the body's performance in many aspects. We will help you improve your products so that they naturally fit into your customers' energized daily lives.

Distributor of food raw materials
Ilkow Trade

We are a trustworthy distributor of food raw materials. We have been operating in the industry for more than three decades. The experience gained during this time allows us to effectively advise, assist and provide the products needed by our customers. Food manufacturers know very well how quickly and dynamically trends are changing. To meet the growing demands of customers, care must be taken to select raw materials of the highest quality. It is also necessary to remember how important is the taste, smell, texture and consistency of products. All these properties require constant improvement. The fast pace of life, different eating habits than in the past and growing expectations of customers mean that the market is evolving all the time.

Improve products - give customers exactly what they want.

For professional athletes and for amateurs. For professional athletes and those who simply love recreation, support is important. We know what stresses an athlete's body has to face. Nutrients based on carefully prepared formulas can be the key to success and a guarantee of health and great well-being. If you produce nutrition for athletes, be sure to check out our offer. We provide raw materials, but also extensive advice. We will help you get information on the latest trends. Thanks to us you will learn when it is worth buying raw materials for nutrients, so as not to overpay. Take advantage of the experience of Ilkow Trade specialists, who will analyze your business ideas and advise you on the best solutions.

  • You will learn how to optimize the composition of products.
  • You will compare offers from independent manufacturers and trading companies.
  • You will avoid price fluctuations and take advantage of the best time to buy.
  • You will order bulk or unit packaging - depending on your needs.
  • You will receive free samples, to conduct your own tests.
  • You can use the option of storing your order in Ilkow Trade's warehouse and fast delivery.

Additives for the production of dietary supplements. Why is it worth buying them just from us?

Modern supplements help to keep the body in good condition, have a positive effect on the appearance of skin, hair or nails. Thanks to them, we can support the processes associated with weight loss, building muscle mass, as well as body shaping. Additives for the production of dietary supplements for obvious reasons must be diverse, and above all - safe. It is worth buying from us, because:

We provide a comprehensive service to all customers.
We are able to tailor our offerings to meet our customers' needs.
Our products are only of very good quality, so they provide an effective application effect.
We offer products that are proven and safe.
We offer unique know-how.
We offer free samples so you can check the performance and effect of the finished product.

Through cooperation with our company, customers get access to state-of-the-art supplements, vitamins, amino acids, energy raw materials. Among other things, we offer plant-based proteins.




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