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Distributor of food raw materials

For many years we have been operating as a distributor of food raw materials in Poland. We come from a family company that can boast 30 years of experience in the food additives segment. Before we became a distributor of food raw materials, we showed readiness for change and vigilantly observed what changes were taking place in the food market. And today we are a trading company, Ilkow Trade, which specializes in selling food raw materials and functional additives to food. We have an excellent understanding of the needs of customers in the sports industry and manufacturers who target people with active, mobile and modern lifestyles.

As befits a distributor of food raw materials, we provide comprehensive support and the highest quality ingredients for food production at good prices. We have an extensive network of contacts and cooperate with about 100 manufacturers and trading companies, without binding contracts.

Our offer is a wide range of food raw materials and functional additives, such as:

  • whey protein,
  • amino acids for nutrients,
  • plant extracts for dietary supplements,
  • sweeteners and gelling agents,
  • energy resources,
  • raw materials for the production of cosmetics,
  • vitamins

It is worth working with us. What can you gain from working with Ilkow Trade?

Optimizing the composition of products - to make them less caloric, better digestible and more attractive to customers.
Practical tips and guidelines based on years of experience and unique know-how.
Essential regulatory information and a package of knowledge on how to respond appropriately to market demand.
Tailor-made offer.
Safety guarantee - we use independent laboratories.
Free samples for self-testing.
Free samples for self-testing.
Transportation that can carry 2 tons at a time.
A trusted business partner and reliable assistance - even in crisis situations.

We analyze the offers of many manufacturers - so you will get several options to choose from. Are you ordering accessories directly from the manufacturer? Remember that unforeseen circumstances can occur with him as well. We will help you protect yourself and find alternative solutions.



Want to talk about trends and news, dedicated to your industry? Are you looking for trusted manufacturers of raw materials? Do you care about combining the best price with high quality?

We have a wide network of contacts among manufacturers and trading companies - we will negotiate attractive terms of purchase for you. We will advise, explain and indicate the best options.

We look forward to your contact:

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