Fruit and vegetable processing

Do you make jams, preserves, jam or are you involved in vegetable processing? Regardless of the scale on which you operate, at Ilkow Trade you can count on professional advice and selection of appropriate additives. You will learn how to improve the texture and consistency of preserves and reduce their caloric content.

You will learn about current trends and the factors that guide customers buying fruit and vegetable preserves. This knowledge will come in handy for business development - especially if you are creating a "fit" brand or want to modify the content of the products you have created so far.

Our products
Our products

What will you gain from working with Ilkow Trade?

  • You will learn what you can replace sugar with in your products.
  • You'll learn ways to reduce calorie content - so that your products are more likely to be chosen by health and figure-conscious people.
  • You will gain tips on how to improve product consistency with alternatives to traditional gelatin.
  • You will gain full support in the selection of accessories.
  • You will compare specially negotiated price offers from independent manufacturers.
  • You will receive information on the current market situation and the best time to buy.
  • Order as much as you need. You can safely store your purchased raw materials with us at our warehouse or order the Ilkow Trade transportation option.

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Want to talk about trends and news, dedicated to your industry? Are you looking for trusted manufacturers of raw materials? Do you care about combining the best price with high quality?

We have a wide network of contacts among manufacturers and trading companies - we will negotiate attractive terms of purchase for you. We will advise, explain and indicate the best options.

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